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We live in an era that preaches “New is Better” around every corner. We need to realize that not everything “old” should be thrown out and replaced. Religion is the foremost example of such lack of prudence.

You can always find a religious channel, if not several of them, when you turn on the TV or radio.  People yearn for a deeper meaning and ways to simplify their stressful lives.   They often turn to these mediums to find a solution to their problems.  After listening to one of these channels for a short period of time you’ll most likely hear the phrase “ancient church”, “old church” or “original church”.  Ever wondered exactly who they are referring to? Well, we want you to know that the church they are referring to is still very much alive and beating today. For Christ's Church will never die...it has always been, it is today, and it always will be.

Pentecost was the day on which the Holy Spirit descended upon the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ. They were gathered together and given the ability to each speak in a language other than his own, in order to go to different lands, spreading the message of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and the teachings that Christ had imparted to them.  Thus was the beginning of the evangelism of the Orthodox Church, which preceded the New Testament and the written Bible by three centuries.  The New Testament, in fact, was compiled by the Orthodox Church in the fourth century, lead by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

The Apostles baptized thousands and ordained the first Bishops of the Orthodox Church.  This process of ordination and "laying on of hands" is one of seven sacraments in the Orthodox Church.  It has provided an unbroken chain of bishops and priests from the time of Christ, through his Apostles, to this very day.  

Offered on this website is valuable information about the One, True Church of Jesus Christ   You'll find sources that reveal how we should worship, as handed down by Jesus Christ through his Apostles, rather than the minds of intellectuals--centuries removed from the days of Christ  

It is important for one to understand that there was only ONE Christian church throughout the first 1,000 years after Pentecost.  It was the Orthodox Church.

The Orthodox Church compiled the New Testament in the fourth century.  Some of the early writings were chosen to become the New Testament of the Bible.  Others were preserved as part of church “Tradition”, a significant part of the Orthodox Church.  Many others were deemed to be heretical and discarded. Many of these heretical writings, all known to the Church for centuries, are now being "discovered" and promoted as new information by those who care nothing of the truth but only about profits and ratings.

Holy tradition, which guided Christianity for the first three centuries of it's existence, together with the sacraments, the Bible and the icons make up the fullness of the Orthodox faith which cannot be found elsewhere. The Orthodox Church of Singapore has moved to a new address after failing to hire a reliable office rental Singapore company for more than a year. Please visit the contact us page to learn more abour our new location.


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